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    Sorin Dima 2 weeks ago

    Hi Josh,


    "DO NOT REMEMBER" is an option we've added recently and we will further look into it. In the meantime, you enter GEOGRAPHICS.COM or RECEIVED AS GIFT instead. If by any chance that doesn't fix the problem and you're still not able to save your project, do not hesitate to let us know.

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    Josh Augustine 2 weeks ago

    I am trying to save my project.  It will allow me to name the project and prompts me to answer where I bought it.  It states that "DO NOT REMEMBER" is a valid answer, but once it in and I hit save, nothing happens.

    It will also not let me print unless I save and enter where I bought the product.

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    Admin 2 months ago

    Hi Chris, if you have more than a handful of contacts then you may find doing an Excel merge more convenient. Otherwise, if you are looking to type the labels manually, you first need to go to the Preview|New Page tab from the menu on the right-hand side of the screen, and select the option to Create separate cards/labels. From the same tab, you can then select which label you want to edit from the menu depicting the entire sheet.

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    Chris Walsh 2 months ago

    Hello!  I must be missing something very easy here.  Can I enter addressess straight into the specific Christmas Address Label or do I need to merge with Excel?

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    Admin 2 months ago

    Hi Lonnie, to change the name on a project, you will first need to use the Save As button to save it under the new name, and then click on the bin icon next to the version of the project with the old name.

    If you are referring to the name of the .pdf file that is being downloaded, that file is assigned a random name, however you can change its name once you have downloaded it just like you would to any other file on your computer.

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    Admin 2 months ago

    Hi Joanna,

    If you could please provide us with more details about the product you were working on, whether you were using a default template or one you've created yourself, as well as what fonts and sizes you were originally using.

    Similarly, it would help us to know what web browser you were using to open our website.

    We are looking forwad to your reply.

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    Admin 2 months ago

    Hi Kristen, if you are looking to synchronize the content inside the two default text boxes that come with the template, you can do that via the Synch button on the toolbar at the top.

    Otherwise, if it's a custom text box or an image you've uploaded yourself, you would need to copy and paste that element over each seal and unfortunately there is no way to automate that.

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    Lonnie Woods 2 months ago

    How do I change the name of a project?

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    Joanna 2 months ago

    When I do a data merge, it changes the spacing and font size of unrelated text boxes.  How can I fix this without editing each individual certificate after the merge?

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    KRISTEN 2 months ago

    How do I use the image I have created on one seal to apply to all the seals on the page?

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