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    James Marshall Smith 1 week ago

    My return address label creation went well and the preview page looked good. When the page was printed however, the text was reasonably well centered in only the middle 2 rows of labels; the top 4 rows were too low and the bottom 4 rows were too high.

    How can I adjust the spacing between rows.

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    Diane Budgett 2 weeks ago

    I have a saved project that I need to edit but every time I start to type the cursor jumps back to the beiging of the word.  Please help.  Im using a MacBook pro.

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    Admin 8 months ago

    Hi Anna,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    That will be depending on the input you are needing on a project. For example if your making a diploma or certificate you might be needing the "name of the student", the subject" or degree","place" and or "date of graduation". Please see reference below.



    Thank you.

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    Anna 8 months ago


    How do you name a text box for merge purposes?

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    Admin 1 year ago

    Hi Kimberly,

    We recomend to just start over with a new project and follow these steps:

    - Set your first Label. either you keep the 4 line or make it just 3 line: Name, Address 1, city-state-zip
    - Click once, to move text box. Use the middle (left or right) dot to widen the box, as needed.
    - Double click on the the inside of the textbox you need to edit
    - If you are dealing with just one address, you can already save as the labels will automatically sync to the other once.

    - If it is the other way, you can either click on the "2. Preview and new page" (in yellow) on the right hand side, to select "Create separate cards/labels" or you can do the "Merge data" (on blue).

    Using Merge in a Project:

    * Create a parent/primary file. This can be used in making secondary file name.

    * Use "Save As" to create a child/secondary name. You can create as many child files and number of merges you need to perform. (we recommend merging 20 names in the certificates - per child project)

    * Do not double merge a project. Doing this will add pages to it, thus, will not update the data.

    Rather, save the parent with "Save As" and start a new merge. Use 1, 2, 3 after each child or alphabetical A-G, H-z, etc.

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    Kimberly Scerri 1 year ago

    I merged a spreadsheet and now I want to delete my merge. Is there a more efficient way of doing this instead of deleting them one by one on the preview and review page? It's an unreasobable amount of time. Thanks

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    Admin 1 year ago

    Hi Dawn,

    In changing the font color, you need to double click inside the text box. Then, highlight the text and make the changes using the menu "Font Color" menu on the right hand side prior printing.

    In addition, the margin/paper designs that you see in the web template are only there for you see how will the actual print looks like on the designer paper.

    You just have to print on the purchased certificate in order to have a full product design. This program is made with the purpose of printing on our products, that you can purchase online by following either of these links:

    Thank you.

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    Dawn Wells 1 year ago

    I created a project and it is not printing in color. Who can help with this?

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    Admin 1 year ago

    Hi Grisel,

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

    From the Paper Type menu, in your printer settings, try to select Glossy Photo Paper. This could reduce the quantity of ink that will be printed on your seals, preventing ink from smearing.

    If you have any other questions, please contact us!

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    Grisel 1 year ago

    I printed on foil seals and the ink is smudging and the alignment is off! What can I do?

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