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    Belinda Dolino 5 years ago

    A big "Grid" is occupying my whole screen. How to I resize it? Please see attached picture.

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    Admin 5 years ago

    Hi Katrina, please see our reply two messages ago.

    Should you have additional questions, do not hesitate to ask.

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    Admin 5 years ago

    Hi Dee, by your description it still appears to be a scaling issue, please review your printing settings, as well as the settings of the printer itself if it's a standalone one.

    If that doesn't work, you can try downloading the Word template from the link below, add filler text to it(which doesn't have to be the actual labels), then print it as a test to see if the issue persists.


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    Admin 5 years ago

    Hi Janine, to edit labels individually, please go to the Preview|New Page tab from the menu on the righthand side of the page, then check the option to Create Individual Cards/Labels. If you have many entries it may be easier to add them all to an Excel file then use the Merge function, which will create a distinct label for each entry.

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    Admin 5 years ago

    Hi Kenna, that issue occurs due to a recent update to our website, to fix it please clear your browser's cache files.

    To do that in Google Chrome, please go to Advanced Settings>Clear Browsing Data and make sure you only select cache from the list of files to delete.

    In Mozilla Firefox, you can delete the cache from Options>Privacy&Security>Clear History, again, making sure it is just cache files checked from the list.

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    Katrina Scott 5 years ago

    I am using item #47879 how to create different labels on one page?

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    Dee Foster 5 years ago

    I'm trying to make return address labels using #47879 with an image on the left. The image and text on the top labels are a little low, those in the middle are pretty centered, and the bottom ones are too high (so high they are unusable). My settings are normal size and NOT scaled.

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    Janine PIZZARIELLA 5 years ago

    Is it possible to type in individual addresses on one label sheet.  I do not have address list saved on my computer and want to type them in one at a time?  I cannot figure this out.  It seems to only allow me to type one address label and create a page of that same label.  Please help!  Janine

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    Kenna Blackwood 5 years ago

    I started to make labels today when a grid came up and I can't remove it. It is taking up most of my screen and making it difficult to impossible to complete my labels. Please tell me how to remove this. 

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    Admin 5 years ago

    Hi Klara, 

    The borders come pre-printed on the certificate paper you purchase from the stores.

    What our Iclicknprint program does is it allows you to further customize these certificates.

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