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    Nan Kearney 1 year ago

    All I want to do is print numbers 1-52 on the each seal label #49835.  This program is not user friendly.  Can anyone please help me?

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    Admin 2 years ago

    Hi Kim,

    Save the file after you make major changes. Click Print (top right, main menu).
    This action will convert the file to PDF file and have it ready for you to download.
    Preview each page, return and make any needed edits before deciding to click Print.
    The PDF file creation time depends on the number of pages and the number of images your project contains.

    Download PDF File will open a screen that gives two choices: Open File (will open it in the browser)
    and Save file. CHOOSE SAVE or SAVE AS.

    Please save the file in your computer! Do not print it directly from the browser with OPEN.

    After saving the file in your computer, open it from there.
    Choose the proper Print settings:
    Make sure ACTUAL SIZE is checked.

    Choose paper size and orientation, color settings, etc from PROPERTIES

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    Dr. Kim McNair 2 years ago

    HOw to download my files>>

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    Admin 2 years ago

    Hi Vicki,


    To print only a particular label on a sheet, you pull up a fresh template for the product and remove all four pre-existing text boxes. Once you have done that, go to the Preview | New Page tab and switch to the option to Create Separate Cards/Labels. From the menu just below it select the label you need to edit and the program will bring that label in the center of the screen.

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    Vicki Bussard 2 years ago

    How do I use a partial sheet of labels by moving them down on the page?

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    Admin 2 years ago

    Hi Ruth,


    The issue you are describing usually happens when the project size becomes too large for our program to process. That can be either due to too many images being uploaded, due to the project having too many pages or for having it saved and overwritten the same project too many times.


    Unfortunately, it is not possible to salvage a project in this situation and you would need to re-create a new one from scratch.


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    Ruth Clemens 2 years ago

    Hi there, 

    Trying to print off my projects but when i click print it just loads and loads and never takes me to the PDF format to actually print. Ive tried different browsers and computers but none will take me to the PDF print page

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    Admin 2 years ago

    Hi Gordon,


    We are sorry to hear you had a hard time using our program. This is the busiest time of year for us and our phone lines were likely full at the time. If you could please email us at [email protected] with more details about the problem you ran into, as well as the files that downloaded, and we will be more than happy to look into it.

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    Gordon B Cumming 2 years ago

    This program is a waste of time. After spending 2 hours saving certificates for printing, I discover that the individual files are saved with certificates from different organizations with different names. Called the "customer service" line only to be told to leave a message. What a joke

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    Admin 2 years ago

    Hi Mabe,


    We are sorry to hear you had a hard time printing the seals.

    Note that if the layout of the seals on the sheet of paper is not symetrical from top to bottom, you will need to keep that in mind when feeding the paper into your printer. Whther you feed the paper top or bottom side first varies depending on the printer model and it is not something that applies universally.

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