• How do I add a Template to faster customize my product?

    The Templates category located in the left menu has multiple categories and subcategories of templates by theme and holiday. If you are customizing a certificate - choose Awards & Recognition and select your theme from Select Category drop-down. Use a template of choice with click on Use. Wait until the template loads. Start customizing or choose a different template. The new template will replace the existing one. To start from scratch, press New in the main menu (top).

  • How do I customize my project using an Iclicknprint template?

    Use the template of your choice and click on the text boxes to edit the pre-set content.
    You may change the position of text boxes, shapes, lines, images.
    You may want to remove certain elements and change fonts, font sizes and color. Do this by first, highlighting the text in the box you plan on editing. You may replace existing images.
    Do this by uploading image from your computer, or by adding clip art and word art images from the  left menu.

  • How do I find the right template fast?

    Use the Search feature - enter keywords that are relevant for your search.
    Browse by Template category and subcategory and find what you want.

    Contact us and let us know if an important template is missing from our selection.

  • Why certain items do not come with default templates like preset text boxes?

    Certain Geographics® and Royal Brites® items come with preset text boxes - default templates that have been created for you and appear when you select an item.

    Examples may be certain cards, mailing labels and items that would require repetitive work.
    Most items can use the customized templates - left menu Templates.

  • How do I add Text in the template?

    In order to add your information, please click on the "T Text" option from the upper menu of the project sheet, double click inside the text box until the line starts blinking and you can start typing.

    The text box can be resized by dragging the outer corners of it and it can be dragged and dropped anywhere on the project sheet.

  • How do I search my item#?

    To locate the template of the item, please click on the Search button and insert your item number (just the digits, without description or “#”) and hit Enter.

    Then click on Customize Now under the item's image, select the correct orientation for your item and you will be taken into our program where you can customize your purchased item.

  • How can I easily find the clip art that I need?

    Search using the search box or check the Clip Art category list by theme and holiday.

    Word Art offers text in fancy fonts that can be used in certificates, awards and diplomas, on invitations, etc.

    Please let us know what's missing

  • What is Word Art for?

    Word Art is great for Geographics Awards and Recognition products such as certificates and diplomas, for graduation events, invitations and cards for special occasions and events and more.
    Word Art was created with fonts that are not available in Iclicknprint.

  • How do I add thin line on my project?

    Select the line. it will appear thick at first. modify it by pushing down the top just like you would flatten a text box. To easily select a thin line, select it with a swiping movement from bottom right going up to the left. the selection works like in MS Office - Word.

    You can move the line using your keyboard arrows after you have it selected.

    Please let us know if there is anything missing in Shapes and Lines.

  • How do I edit a shape?

    Add the shape and on the Edit panel - right, look for Shape Fill, Outline, Width and Transparency.

    Use Fill color to color the interior of the shape,
    Use Outline to color the shape borders or defining lines
    Use Width to increase or decrease the thickness of the borders.
    Use the Transparency bar to make the color fade away.

    Please let us know if there is anything important missing in the Shapes and Lines category

  • How do I Merge data from Excel?

    Prepare your Excel or CSV file as follows: Remove any headers and  prepare the data in sheet 1.
    Each column should contain specific data, ie. all student names in one column.

    Note that your Excel file can contain columns that will not be imported. You can add to your project only data from the columns you need.

    In ICLICKNPRINT, your project should contain all the text boxes that will receive the Excel or CSV data.

    RECOMMENDED: Enter in each text box the longest text from each Excel file column.
    This will help you in two ways:
    1. It will offer guidance as to what data to drag and drop in each text box.
    2. After the merge is done, the text box sizes remain unchanged. This saves you some work since you do not have to resize the text boxes to fit the text.

    Arrange your text boxes and images in the exact positions you want them to be on the printed product.

    Alternately, name each textbox so you know what data to drag and drop there. ie Student Name, Achievement, etc.

    Edit fonts, colors, font sizes, before merging the data. Otherwise, you will have to do the editing in each sheet, after merge. This would be a huge waste of your time.

    Use Merge to import data only when the project you are customizing looks exactly like what you want to print.

    Merge will add extra pages in your project.
    You only need to customize one page. All the rest will look the same bur will contain the data imported.

    Please report and bugs in our Forum



  • How do I start a project?

    To add a new text box, click T Text - see top menu.
    To Edit Text, change font, size & color, highlight the text and edit it using the right Edit tab features.
    To display fonts dynamically, check the hover over box and scroll down over fonts until you like the choice.
    To use a ready-made template, choose it from the left menu - Templates.
    Add Clip Art, Suggested Wording, Shapes and Lines.

    To add a new page, click Preview | New Page - the next tab after Edit.
    To merge data click Merge - the next tab after review | New Page.
    Merge is sensitive to large amounts of data so make sure you resize your images before uploading them and enter no more than 25 contacts per certificate or letterhead project and 90 contacts per label or cards projects at one time. the larger the amount of data and number of pages in a project the longer the time to save and download PDF file.

    We did not impose any restrictions on the amount of pages.
    However, read under merge the recommended number of pages per type of product and try to stay within this recommended number per project. you can create multiple projects to achieve your goal.

    Once you understand the menus and what each icon means it will be easy. Make sure you register and save your project in the beginning.

    Registration is required since the project will be saved before being printed.
    You can always get back to your projects in My Saved Projects.

  • How do I create labels?

    What you see on the screen is one of the labels. You can click on Preview/New Page on the right side of the screen, in the upper part, and you will see all of the labels. The program usually synchronizes the content of one label in all of the others, but if you want to change that you can select Create separate cards/labels from that same menu on the right side., and it will allow you to create different labels.

    One label has 4 boxes inside it. You need to operate with each box at a time. For the first box, you can double-click inside the box and there will be a black line blinking inside the box. You need to delete First name Last Name and type the name. To change font, size, color, highlight the text in blue by double-clicking inside the box. Go over to the Edit tab that is next to Preview/New Page to change font, size, color.

    For the next box you would need to repeat the same steps. Once you are done with a label, go back to Preview/New Page and click on the next label.

    A blue rectangle will appear around the label that is currently selected. Then you can click on the next label and continue adding addresses.

  • How do I replicate the text from one seal to the others?

    In order to replicate the wording of one seal into all of the other seals, you would need to select that box in which the wording is, please make sure that it's the correct box selected, than you can use the SYNC button on the main menu just above the seals. The other seals need to have those boxes that say Enter Text inside them. Also, please note that the sync function is not working for images, only for words.

  • How do I type the text inside the Arc Text box?

    You need to click on the ARC Text option on the upper right side of the window inside the program.

    A text box will appear in your project and in order to type text into it, you'll need to write it not in the text box, but in the field from the lower right side menu where it says “Enter arched text” and in the red box.

  • How do I create different information on each Business Card?

    You can click on Preview/New Page Tab on the right side of the screen, in the upper part, and you will see all of the cards.

    The program usually synchronizes the content of one cards in all of the others, but if you want to change that you can select Create separate cards/labels from that same menu on the right side and it will allow you to create different cards.

  • How do I change the font color?

    To change font color, highlight the text in blue by double-clicking inside the box.

    Go over to the Edit tab and on the top, there will be a Font Color bar, click on the bar and it will show you all the colors, then click on the color you like to change for the font on the template.

  • How do I add a logo?

    Choose the Image option from the upper menu and upload an image saved from your computer.

    For the Transparency option(located in the right side of the page), select the picture for which you want to change the transparency.

    Drag the Transparency slider to set the exact percentage of transparency you want.

  • How to display fonts dynamically?

    Check the hover over box and scroll down over fonts and the click on the font of your choice.

  • How do I add a new page to my project?

    To add a New page, click PREVIEW | NEW PAGE - the next tab after EDIT and click on the add new page icon.

    If your page contains large images or clip art, a new page will take longer to load.

  • How do I delete a text box?

    Click on the text box and you can either use the Delete icon for the upper menu or click on Delete key on your computer keyboard.

  • How do I use the Sync button when editing seals?

    The templates for these products usually come with two pre-existing text boxes over each seal - a regular one in the center and an arched one that goes around the seal. To quickly customize a whole page of seals, edit any one of the seals on the page, select the text box, then use the Snyc button.

    This will synchronize the content in that text box across all the other seals on the page.

    Please note that for the time being, the Sync feature only works for the pre-existing text boxes - other elements such as uploaded images or new text boxes need to be copied, pasted, and positioned manually.

  • How do I edit the text inside the text box?

    To Edit Text, change font, size & color, double click inside the text box, highlight the text and edit it using the right Edit functions.


  • How do I type inside a text box?

    Double click inside the desired text box, highlight the existing text and start typing your own text.

  • How do I resize the text box?

    Click on the text box.

    The box is designated by eight blue small circles, or handles, around the perimeter).

    Use the mouse to point to one of the blue circle.

    Drag the blue circle to resize the text box.

    Release the mouse button when the text box is the size you want.



  • What should I know before printing a project?

    For a successful result, read carefully the prompts that give you instructions while customizing your project.make sure you proof read the project so there are no mistakes and it is good for printing.

    When you click Download PDF you will have two choices: Open file and Save file.
    Do not choose Open file. Why? Open file opens your file in the browser an the print command prints it from the browser. All browsers apply FIT to scree or FIT To page thus modifying the position of your text and images on page.

    Choose Save file. Save the downloaded file in your in your computer. Give it a memorable name and remember location or folder you save it in. Open the file and print it from there.

    Print settings should be chosen with care.
    Check the correct paper orientation, choose the right paper size and paper type.
    NEVER USE FIT or FIT TO PAGE setting.
    DO NOT USE SCALING. Scaling should be OFF
    Only use ACTUAL SIZE!

    TEST PRINT Print your project on a blank, plain piece of paper first.

    Check the alignment of the text and images against the design product or paper board.
    Print on the actual product only when you are satisfied with the result.

    For Royal Brites large-size Poster, Foam and Project Board, your project can be printed on plain paper or transparencies.
    For transparencies, use the mirror image tool in our main menu. This will allow protection of the ink or toner.
    You can clip the letters off the white paper and glue them onto your board project. Make sure the letters print fully so you do not have to collate pieces.

  • How do I create an account?

    To create an account, please click on Login (the blue button on the upper right side of the page) then on Register. Fill up the name, phone number, email address, create your own password, fill in the Captcha in the box and then click on Register. You will then be logged in and you'll see your name in the upper right corner instead of the login button.

  • Why do you have to register in order to print?

    You need to register because the system needs to save the project under your account, before you print.
    You will be prompted to save it with a name. You can create multiple projects with different names.
    Every time you get back to iclicknprint, you can find your projects under MY SAVED PROJECTS.
    Open, modify and print them.
    Inactive projects will be deleted after 6 months of inactivity.

  • How do I copy and paste from a document I have in my computer?

    Create text boxes in your iclicknprint (ICNP) project. Use the T icon Main menu.

    First, save the project under a name so you do not lose it should internet connection have issues or you refresh the page, etc...

    Copy the text from your computer – to the ICNP text box. To do so,

    Double click in the ICNP text box until you see a cursor and delete the Enter Text that textboxes come with, by default. Use the top menu icon paste.

    You can use CTRL C for copy

    and in the Iclicknprint enter the textbox – double click and use CTRL and V to



    To save you the back and forth, you can paste the entire text in one box.

    Then, add new textboxes boxes and CTRL X cut text from the main box and CTRL V Paste in the next box.

    At the end, you can change fonts in each box. Just click the box until you see it in blue lines. Then, check the Hover over Fonts and hover until you click on the font you like

    To increase text size - highlight the text and enter a number by hand in the font size box, click just outside of it - in the blank space on top of the font size box.

    Or choose a number from the drop-down.


    To do this easily, add a text box for each different font or font size.

    It is easier to change the whole text font and size in one box than to change specific text in a large text box.

    Plus, you have the flexibility to move the boxes around with your keyboard arrows.

    To select one or multiple text boxes:

    Click the first box, click SHIFT then select the second box etc. without releasing the selection You can copy and paste them or move them on the page with the left, right, up and down arrows.

    Get used to this free ICNP tool. If you make mistakes, you can use REDO ior UNDO – top menu.


    To learn how to use ICNP use the demos https://www.iclicknprint.net/demos