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    Admin 1 week ago

    Hello Fisty,


    Unfortunately, we cannot get a french version of this site.

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    Admin 1 week ago

    Hello Miriam,


    The only way you can share your project with someone else is to send them the pdf file.

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    Admin 1 week ago

    Hello Mary,


    In order to insert the signature line, you need to convert the word/pdf file into a jpg, jpeg or png image.

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    Mary Richling 2 weeks ago

    can I add an electronic signature (saved into a Word or PDF document) to the certificate template?

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    Fisty 5 months ago

    Is there any way i can get a french version of this site?

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    Miriam Davis 5 months ago

    Can a saved project be shared with someone else that also has an iclicknprint account?

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    Admin 6 months ago

    Hello Andrea,

    You will need to change your printer setttings.
    Go to the color tab and select print in Color.

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    Andrea Gil de Montes 6 months ago

    The downloaded PDF shows the color I want, and the print preview does also.  The print looks fine, except the color keeps printing in gretscale despite selecting all everything I can think of to make it print in color.  What do I do?

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    Admin 7 months ago

    Hi Mary,


    We are sorry to hear you had a hard time using our program.

    You can rest assured, however, that we are not monetizing the personal information of our customers in any way, nor are we sharing it with any 3rd parties. Our Iclicknprint program is solely a design tool we offer for free to allow our customers to make the most out of the products we manufacture and sell.

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    Mary Werner 7 months ago

    Why cant I just print?  Are you stealing the addresses to sell? 

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