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    Faith McCarthy 2 days ago


    I have a sheet from last year that has empty spots on it which I want to use for new addresses (without losing/typing over the ones on the old sheet) how can I see a blank template that I can "fill in" the empty spaces?

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    MBR 2 days ago

    In Massachusetts our zip codes start with ZERO.  The zero is listed in the excel file, but when it merges, it of course dissapears.  I tried to put it in before I merge in the EDIT section right before zip.  This does not transfer either.  

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    Admin 3 months ago

    Hi Karen,

    The margin-designs that you see in the web template are only there for you see how will the actual print looks like on the designer paper.

    You just have to print on the purchased certificate in order to have a full product design. This program is made with the purpose of printing on our products, that you can purchase online by following either of these links:


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    Karen m bratton 3 months ago

    Template border is not printing.  Only the text I entered on the template


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    Admin 8 months ago

    Hi Melissa, 

    The Fonts are preset on the web-program. Unfortunately, we are not able to add fonts from your computer to the program.

    However, if you really want to use such font for your project in IClickNPrint, our suggestion is to tyoe in your wording on either MS Word, Presentation, or whichever platform where the font is installed.
    Then, use a screen capture or snipping tool and make it an image (format - .jpg, .jpeg or .png).
    Once done, you can upload it using the Image menu on top of the editing/working page of the program.

    Hope this helps



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    Melissa 8 months ago

    Can I import fonts from my computer to use?

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    Admin 1 year ago

    Hi Denise,

    On the View Data field, make sure the drag the information to the correct header.
    Please see sample below.


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    Denise Bonati 1 year ago

    I have the mailing label just the way I want it set up for first and last name, next line street, next line City, last state and zip.

    Once I merge it flips the order of the street or address one to the last line. I have tried everything to accomplish the merge successfully but I keep getting the same result after trying different merge colums. I end up with out of order line and I am not able to edit or delete.


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    Admin 1 year ago

    Hi Mia,

    Yes you can print any project at home, as long as you have access on internet and access to the web base program.

    If in case the username and password is not yours, please ask the authorized user to save the project and download the pdf file for you;

    and send it to your email and print the project at home. 

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    Admin 1 year ago

    Hi John Keith,

    Typically, this happens when you have overlapping textboxes or a lot of them (all over the project) that are not in use. We suggest to check the project and delete these text boxes.

    Another issue could be is that if an IMAGE you had uploaded on a project exceeds 5MB. We advise lowering down the pixel or bytes of the image, by doing a screen capture instead of getting it from the main source.

    One of the uncommon issue is an old project that uses a font that had been purged from the system. These may have cause by system upgrade or just simply no longer available. We recommend you to change the font to the ones that is available in the program.

    Least of them is when too much action was given to the web program to perform prior printing. What we recommend is to refresh the page and reopen the project.

    Hope this helps.


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