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    Ron Book 1 week ago

    I can't find a mailing labels template for #49896 Gold Foil ML.  What's going on?  I have found Red Foil Labels, but how will I know if the type will line up in the white area of the label?

  • T
    Sherri 3 weeks ago

    my certificate will not print it keeps loading and loading... i have never had a issue with any other programs......

  • R
    Elma Rivera 1 month ago


    How do I import a logo onto the certificate?

  • A
    Admin 2 months ago

    Hi Julie,

    We do have available template on a microsoft word format which can be save on your computer, however, we need to know the item#. Or, you want to share your iclicknprint log in credentials to your colleagues given that you have save your projects under "My Saved Projects". Also, once you save your project, you will be asked if you would like to stay on page, print or close project, please select Print and on another pop up box, click Print again and click "Download PDF Now" which will be automatically saved on your computer and ready to share.



  • C
    Julie 3 months ago

    How do I save my template to my own computer, not just on the IClicknPrint site.  I need to forward to another board member to have them use my saved template in their own account.


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    Admin 4 months ago

    How do I remove the scaling when my computer does not have that as an option?


    Hi Patricia,

    If you're using a microsoft word, there's an option there to remove or adjust the scaling or on your printer settings.


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    Admin 4 months ago

    My ET-3760 will print the pdf on plain paper but when I use Geographic 47855 Black Diamonds paper the printer just feeds the sheet through the printer but doesn't print on the certificate. This printer is an all-in-one model and I've found that I can print to plain paper then make a copy of the certificate on certificate paper but I'd rather just print to the ertificate paper in one step. I suspect the shiny border is the problem. Do you have any suggestions?

    Hi Stephen,

    We suggest adjusting the ink settings on you printer as shiny border should not affect when printing on the said certificate.


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    Admin 4 months ago

    Instead of typing all over again, can I copy and paste to the template from word?!


    Yes of course, you can have your own word template as a guide for your project, just save the microsoft word template on your desktop/laptop and then click on the image icon Image icon the iClicknPrint website on the top menu.


    Enjoy and have fun!

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    Admin 4 months ago

    I have picked a scholarship template and I have the number of the design I have but when I go into start entering text nothing shows up in the text box.  Entering our high school name. I went to T (Text) the font nothing types.


    Once you click on T (Text), a textbox will then appear with blue circles around it, you can either resize it to your preferred size. You can highlight the whole word by moving your cursor along with the "Enter Text" default text to erase it or use your backspace to delete. And once erased, you can start typing a word inside that textbox itself and so on and so fourth.

    Have fun on your project!

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    Admin 4 months ago

    It is taking forever to load to print certificates from a merged file...


    If you’re trying to print CERTIFICATES or SEALS, only 20 NAMES are ALLOWED to avoid circling bug. Meaning it should be by 20 names in batches.




    *Recommended number of pages per project is 20.





    Things to consider when loading error occurs.


    Please refresh browser and delete cache and history on settings.


    Please also check if there are overlapping textboxes on the certificates, too much data sometimes increases loading time.


    Does your certificates have an image on it?, please make sure the file is saved either JPEG,PNG or JPG format and should be within 5MB.


    Please also check fonts used on the certificates, sometimes the one being used is the obsolete one which creates the issue.


    You will determine this if you are on the edit tab, if you are on the editing page, highlight the textbox on the right side and it should highlight the font name being used.


    If not, you must change it on the dropdown menu. Or the template being used has a bug on it.




    You could also try using Merge.


     First, prepare an excel/CVS file. Arrange your data properly by column, e.g. name, address1, date, and so on.


     You may use a pre-set template from the left menu, or you can create your own template. Arrange your text boxes and images in the exact positions you want them to be on your final project.


     Then, select that box for the name, and go to Import Data on the left side of the page to start the merge.


     Merge is sensitive to large amounts of data, so make sure that you resize your images before uploading them.




    Enter no more than 20 contacts per certificate or letterhead project.





    *You may want to utilize this links to watch the Demos on how to do Merging in Certificates.

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