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    Admin 15 hours ago

    Hi Maria, we are sorry to hear you are unhappy with our program. Please write us an email at and tell us more about the problem you ran into.

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    Admin 2 weeks ago

    Hi Jennifer,


    It is possible to copy/paste from a Word document, but only within a given text box in our program. Please note that it's only the plain text that will be coppied and the layout and formatting needs to be re-created.

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    Admin 2 weeks ago

    Hi Eillen, Anita,


    This issue is most likely ocurring because you are opening our program using the Safari web browser. For the time being our website is fully compatible with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Other browsers can work to an extent, but we recommend using one of the two supported browsers.

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    Jennifer Susan Etheridge-Burgess 2 weeks ago

    Why can't I paste text rom a Word document without having to recreate the entire thing?

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    ANITA WRIGHT 2 weeks ago

    OMG, I'm having the same problem as Eillen Sorantino.  Unable to type in the text box I must type one letter at a time. This announcement has taken me 1 hr. to complete.  This is crazy!?!?

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    Eillen Sorantino 2 weeks ago

    I couldn't edit the text in the text box (template).  I highlighted the text, then I would have to insert each letter individually within the text box, and place the cursor where the next letter should go. So I was typing all day - literally.  To just type a Name like John Doe took forever. so odd.

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    Maria 3 weeks ago

    This is the worst page that I found, I hope the paper is not as bad as the web that disappointed.

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    Admin 1 month ago

    For Questions and Answers, visit our FAQ section.

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