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    Admin 2 months ago

    Hi Mia,

    Yes you can print any project at home, as long as you have access on internet and access to the web base program.

    If in case the username and password is not yours, please ask the autorized user to save the project and download the pdf file for you;

    and send it to your email and print the project at home. 

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    Admin 2 months ago

    Hi John Keith,

    Typically, this happens when you have overlapping textboxes or a lot of them (all over the project) that are not in use. We suggest to check the project and delete these text boxes.

    Another issue could be is that if an IMAGE you had uploaded on a project exceeds 5MB. We advise lowering down the pixel or bytes of the image, by doing a screen capture instead of getting it from the main source.

    One of the uncommon issue is an old project that uses a font that had been purged from the system. These may have cause by system upgrade or just simply no longer available. We recommend you to change the font to the ones that is available in the program.

    Least of them is when too much action was given to the web program to perform prior printing. What we recommend is to refresh the page and reopen the project.

    Hope this helps.


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    Mia 2 months ago

    Are we able to print these from home?

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    John Keith 2 months ago

    Having issues printing.  Just spins on the screen and says redirecting and just stays there.  


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    Admin 4 months ago

    Hello Eva,

    Most of our certificates are having the same margins. So, if you had purchased a different border-designed certificate, the project that you already created will still fit to the ones you bought from our websites or partner store.

    You may want to try doing a test print first on a blank bond paper, just to make sure the wordings will not pass the border-design of the certificate you have.

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    Eva 4 months ago

    How can I change the certificate design on a project already started?

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    Admin 4 months ago

    Using Merge in a Project:

    * Create a parent/primary file. This can be used in making secondary file name.

    * Use "Save As" to create a child/secondary name. You can create as many child files and number of merges you need to perform. (we recommend merging 20 names in the certificates - per child project)

    * Do not double merge a project. Doing this will add pages to it, thus, will not update the data.

    Rather, save the parent with "Save As" and start a new merge. Use 1, 2, 3 after each child or alphabetical A-G, H-z, etc.

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    Admin 4 months ago

    Hi Rebeca,

    Please save an image (e.g., .JPEG, .PNG, etc.) of the logo you need.
    You can upload this using the encircled menu below, then place it in the desired part of the product.

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    Admin 4 months ago

    Hi Katie,

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

    We recommend you to make a test print first on a blank bond paper prior printing them to the item/s you bought. This will ensure all alignment are correct.

    Regarding the priniting part, from the Paper Type menu, in your printer settings, try to select Glossy Photo Paper. This could reduce the quantity of ink that will be printed on your seals, preventing ink from smearing.

    On the paper-jamming part, we recommend you contact the customer service provider for the printer to ensure other settings you can use to avoid this from happening.

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    Rebeca Ramirez 4 months ago

    How do I put a logo into a certificate? 

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