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    Patricia Griffin-GreenhowEducato 3 weeks ago

    How do I remove the scaling when my computer does not have that as an option?


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    Admin 2 months ago
    Hi Heidi,

    Please note that the Excel file for the merge needs to have 3, or maximum 4 columns. The first column is for the full name, the second one for the street address and the third one for the city, state and Zip code. Also, the Excel file needs to have no header, because otherwise it will merge the header on the first label.

    Before starting the merge, you need to add a text box on the labels, resize it to make it fit the printing area by dragging from the corners and then format the font by typing any word in the box, and setting the font you wish to use. Then delete the words and go to Import data on the left side of the page.

    You can follow the link below where you can find the step-by-step instructions on how to do the mail merge:

    I suggest you also watch the demo, in the link below to see how to do a step by step, mail merge, in iClicknPrint:

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    Admin 2 months ago

     Hi Faith,

    I am assuming that your past project looks like this screenshot below,


    Now, you need to click on "Preview & New Page" and click on the radio button "Create separate cards/labels" as shown below then you may begin typing on the blank/specific label.


    Hope this helps you!

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    Admin 2 months ago
    Hi MBR,

    On the excel file, you need to enter apostraphe beside Enter on the right, in this way it will retain zero (0) or any symbol you may wish to add.
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    Heidi Bedell 2 months ago

    I want to create address labels for holiday cards.  My first page is populated with the merged data but the second pages only have the generic headers (Name, Address).  I should have 4 pages of labels with data.  Is there something I need to do to get the other pages to populate with the merged data?

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    Faith McCarthy 3 months ago


    I have a sheet from last year that has empty spots on it which I want to use for new addresses (without losing/typing over the ones on the old sheet) how can I see a blank template that I can "fill in" the empty spaces?

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    MBR 3 months ago

    In Massachusetts our zip codes start with ZERO.  The zero is listed in the excel file, but when it merges, it of course dissapears.  I tried to put it in before I merge in the EDIT section right before zip.  This does not transfer either.  

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    Admin 6 months ago

    Hi Karen,

    The margin-designs that you see in the web template are only there for you see how will the actual print looks like on the designer paper.

    You just have to print on the purchased certificate in order to have a full product design. This program is made with the purpose of printing on our products, that you can purchase online by following either of these links:


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    Karen m bratton 7 months ago

    Template border is not printing.  Only the text I entered on the template


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    Admin 11 months ago

    Hi Melissa, 

    The Fonts are preset on the web-program. Unfortunately, we are not able to add fonts from your computer to the program.

    However, if you really want to use such font for your project in IClickNPrint, our suggestion is to tyoe in your wording on either MS Word, Presentation, or whichever platform where the font is installed.
    Then, use a screen capture or snipping tool and make it an image (format - .jpg, .jpeg or .png).
    Once done, you can upload it using the Image menu on top of the editing/working page of the program.

    Hope this helps



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