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    Admin 4 years ago

    In the Firefox web address bar enter       about:preferences#general
    or click the top right three lines at the end of the address bar. It will open the Options screen.
    OPTIONS -> GENERAL -> FILES & APPLICATIONS (after Language) -> Downloads  ->  Always ask you where to save files - (Check the radio button to be blue).

    When downloading an Iclicknprint file, the browser will open a window that will ask you to save the file.
    We do not recommend opening the file in the browser as it automatically fits page to screen and distorts positioning of your text on page, possibly ruining your printed project.

    Remember to always print the project from your computer-saved file. Use a test-print blank sheet, first. Make any adjustments.
    When you are happy with the result, print on the Geographics or Royal Brites product you purchased.

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