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Posted In CategoryBrowser Settings for File Print
  • M
    Admin 5 years ago

    Hello, Scott, Some reasons for a loading screen that endlessly circles: A project with many pages and many elements on each page;
    A slow internet connection
    Under these conditions, the downloading of the PDF file will take some time. Just be patient.
    If the file has not downloaded after maximum 5 minutes, please call, email or chat with us.
    We need an email address to to be able to check the issue pertaining to a project existing under your account.

  • M
    Admin 5 years ago

    Open Chrome Settings (top right - 3 dots )

    Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Downloads -> Ask where to save each file before downloading.
    Move the bar on CHANGE from left to right to get the blue color (which means ON).

    When your file gets downloaded you will be asked where to save it in your computer.
    Otherwise the pdf file name will appear at the bottom left of you page - hard to see.

    Do not open and print your project directly in the browser.
    Doing this, will move the text on page, by applying an auto Fit to screen.

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